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Making you more efficient work smarter successful

We're a group of system engineers and developers that solve real-world issues through simplification and automation.

We understand the mundane tasks that burden IT professionals, and the overwhelming need to make these tasks easier and more cost effective to perform. Our mantra is "Our products must be light years ahead of anything on the market, and our users must benefit through savings; both in time, as well as financially." If we can't build a product that lives up to our mantra, then we don't sell it.

Feature rich, light weight, and cost effective, or it doesn't belong in our catalog. Period. We either make software that is the best in the industry or we don't make it at all.

We pride ourselves in being the experts for IT professionals.


Sircks, Inc.




smartImager: The Hardware Independent Imaging Solution Software

Our best skills

Our background is in making tools that make system administrators more efficient. We cut the cost of IT by empowering staff with tools that are simple but full of powerful and useful features.

Ok so we're not very good at yodeling. That might actually be a good thing. It will keep our office quieter so we can remain focused on what we do best... Automation, Design, and Engineering for IT administrators.

Systems Engineering

Who we are

• To make the very best products for IT administrators.
• To make those products shine above all others in each market.
• To take pride in our work and to take extra time to make it right.
• To offer cost savings over any competitor with better full-featured products.
• To place our customers' needs above our own, and to serve them first and foremost.

Our products must be light years ahead of anything on the market, and our users must benefit through savings; both in time, as well as financially.

Our company name is Sircks. Our two founders are named Chris and Kris. Obviously they couldn't think of a great company name so they just spelled their names backwards... and there you have it.

People before profit, and never the reverse.
We know we will succeed by first being a servant, and then by showing dilligence and attention to even the smallest amount of detail. We will do the best we can, and then we will do it even better. Always with a servant's heart. That's our value. That's our core. We will serve first.

Full Service

On or Off Site Workstation Imaging

If you don't have the staff to rollout your corporate image or deploy Windows to your environment efficiently, we can help. We offer full service hardware independent imaging either on or off site. This can even include software packaging, creating your corporate standard image, and delivering your workstations for you. Drop shipping is also available.

Automation Consulting

Want to increase productivity? At Sircks we pride ourselves in automating IT tasks and business needs. Whether it be the help desk, onboarding, business or infrastructure needs, our consultants are the best in the business. We can automate the tasks that tie up your staff - freeing them to be more productive. Imagine automating tasks such as user and group maintenance, patching, or high-level administration. We even provide self-service automation with tools that can interlink with your existing applications.

Corporate Disk Image Creation

If you don't have the staff to create your corporate disk imge, we can make it for you. Our employees will make your hardware independent images, package your software, and deploy Windows workstations, laptops, or tablets to your environment.

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